Pony Books by Subject A to Z:

Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Trumper
Anne Colver - Lucky Four
Patsey Gray - 4-H Filly

Alternative Therapies/Training Methods:
Lauren Brooke - Heartland/Chestnut Hill
Nicholas Evans - The Horse Whisperer
Judy Waite - Horse Healer series
Dandi Daley Mackall - Whinnie the Horse Gentler series

Barge Horses:
Lynn Avery - The Mystery of the Vanishing Horses
Berlie Doherty - Snowy

Barrel Racing:
Marion Crook - Cutting it Close
Anabel Dean - Junior Rodeo
Christine Forsythe - Kate's Midnight Ride
Lynn Hall: Tin Can Tucker
Laura Hesse - A Filly Called Easter
Elizabeth Mills - Dash (Breyer Stablemates)
Elizabeth Van Steewyk - Barrel Horse Racer

Breaking In/Training Young Ponies:
Judith Berrisford - A Colt in the Family
Catherine Carey - Pink Pony
Primrose Cumming - The Chestnut Filly
Ruby Ferguson - Pony Jobs for Jill (partial)
Doris Gates - A Morgan for Melinda/A Horse for Melinda
K. M. Peyton - Fly-by-Night
J. Pullein-Thomspon - Six Ponies
D. Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in Peril, A Pony To School, A Pony For Sale
Lucy Rees - Wild Pony

Ursula Bruns - The Snow Ponies
Patricia Calvert - Money Creek Mare
Borden Deal - Bluegrass
Elinore Havers - The Merry-March Ponies, Five Foals and Philippa
Mary O'Hara - Flicka and Thunderhead books
H. M. Peel - Some of the Leysham Stud series
D. L. Rodriguez - Gracie
Carmel Rowley - Daughters of the Wind series
Mallory Stevens - My Favourite Colt aka The Christmas Colt
Mel Wayne - The Horse on Ben Awe

Christian Pony Books:
Nan Hayden Agle - Kish's Colt
Doreen Bairstow - A Rosette for Helen
Patricia Baldwin - Ricky at the Riding School
Elizabeth Batt - A Pony to Stay, The Wilde Riders
Stephen Bly - Horse Dreams series
Stephen & Janet Bly - Crystal series
Beryl Bye - Nobody's Pony, Pony for Sale, Belle's Bridle
Audrey Constant - Hidden Prizes
Sue Garnett - The Ponies of Swallowdale Farm
Isabelle Holland - The Easter Donkey
Marsha Hubler - Keystone Stables series, Rickie Rides to the Rescue, The Secret of the Batty
Dandi Daley Mackall - Winnie the Horse Gentler series
Ellen Jane Macleod - Adventures on the Lazy N
Ambrose Payne - Inquisitive Penny
Fiona Satow - My Friend Krow
Lauraine Snelling - Golden Filly series, High Hurdles series
Marion P. Stroud - If Wishes Were Horses, Rainbows End

Circuses and Performing Horses:
Judy Andrekson - Miskeen the Dancing Horse
Kitty Barne - Rosina and Son
Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac, Pantomine Ponies series, The Stables at Hampton (slight element only)
Judith Berrisford - Sue's Circus Horse
Clyde Bulla - Dexter
Joseph Chipperfield - Dark Fury (he escapes from a circus)
Page Cooper - Amigo Circus Horse
Anne Digby - The Quicksilver Horse
Walter Farley - Little Black Goes to the Circus
Kathleen Fidler - Haki the Sheltand Pony
Berta & Elmer Hader - Cricket The Story of a Little Circus Pony
Catherine Harris - They Rescued a Pony
Clarence Hawkes - Dapples of the Circus
Denise Hill - The Castle Grey Pony, A Pony For Two
Margaret Lossing Johnson - Silver Dawn
Miriam E. Mason - Happy Jack the Mule (partly)
Mary Patchett - Circus Brumby
Margaret Pearce - Circus Runaways
Josephine Pullein-Thompson - A Job With Horses (jousting exhibitions)
Joan Selby-Lowndes - Mail Coach, Family Star
Mary Stewart - Airs Above the Ground
Sanford Tousey - Chinky Joins the Circus, Bill and the Circus
Carol Vaughan - The Dancing Horse
May Wynne - Patch the Piebald

Gillian Baxter - Bargain Horses
Patience McElwee - Dark Horse
Pamela Macgregor-Morris - The Amateur Horse Dealers
D. Pullein-Thompson - The Ponyseekers trilogy
Kate Thompson - Annan Water

Judy Andrekson - J. B. Andrew: Mustang Magic
Caroline Akrill - Flying Changes
Gillian Baxter - The Stables at Hampton
Susan Juby - Another Kind of Cowboy
Karen McGoldrick - The Dressage Chronicles

Driving/Driven Ponies:
Gillian Baxter - Ponies in Harness
Hilda Boden - Little Grey Pony
Kathleen Mackenzie - Pony and Trap
Mary May - Carol series (The Will to Win, etc)

Caroline Akrill - Eventer's Trilogy
Samantha Alexander - Riders series
Libby Anderson - A New Horse for Marny
Gillian Baxter - The Perfect Horse, Bargain Horses
Shirley Faulkner-Horne - Look Before You Leap
Bryan Forbes - International Velvet
Patricia Leitch - A Horse For the Holidays aka Janet Young Rider
H M Peel - Gay Darius
J. Pullein-Thompson - One Day Event
Joan Weir - Three Day Challenge aka Storm Rider
Zita White - The One-Day Ponies
Tamara Williams - Glory Ride, Shadow Ride
John Richard Young - Olympic Horseman

Sue Bentley - Magic Ponies series
Caitlin Brennan (aka Judith Tarr) - Valeria series
Rita Mae Brown - Riding Shotgun
Betsy Byars - The Winged Colt of Casa Mia
Nancy Caffrey - Mig O'The Moor (slight element)
Matt Christopher - Devil Pony
Louise Cooper - Sea Horses series
Babette Cole - Fetlocks Hall series
Helen Cresswell - The White Sea Horse aka The Little Sea Horse
Primrose Cumming - Silver Snaffles, The Deep Sea Horse
Monica Dickens - Messenger series
Jean Slaughter Doty - Can I Get There By Candlelight
Emily Edwards - My Life as a Horse
Shirley Faulkner-Horne - Pegasus series
Jane E. Gerver - Penny (Breyer Stablemates)
Brian Hayles - The Moon Stallion
Mollie Hunter - The Kelpie's Pearls, The Wicked One
Eleanor Jones - Circle of Blue, Dreams and Demons
Pamela Kavanagh - Hoofbeats at Midnight
Patricia Leitch - The Black Loch, Night of the Red Horse
Robin McKinley - The Hero and the Crown, The Blue Sword, Pegasus
Magdalen Nabb - The Enchanted Horse
Linda Newbery - The Marmalade Pony
Beverley Nichols - The Wickedest Witch in the World
Jenny Oldfield - My Magical Pony series, Dreamseeker trilogy
K M Peyton - The Paradise Pony
Jill Pinkwater - Cloud Horse
Poppy Shire - Magic Pony Carousel series
Mary Stanton - The Heavenly Horse From the Outermost West
Mary Stewart - Ludo the Star Horse
Judith Tarr - A Wind in Cairo
Holly Webb - The Secret Pony, Ponymagic

Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Trumper
Enid Blyton - Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm, Six Cousins Again
Primrose Cumming - Ben
Monica Edwards - Punchbowl Farm series
Victoria Eveleigh - Katy's Exmoor trilogy
Anne Farrell - Mitchell Family series (Gift Wrapped Pony, etc)
Anne Bosworth Greene - The Lone Winter
Dick King-Smith - Sophie series
Patience McElwee - The Merrythoughts
Margaret McPherson - Ponies for Hire
Michael Morpurgo - Farm Boy
Robert Newton Peck - Spanish Hoof
J. Pullein-Thompson - All Change aka The Hidden Horse
Joyce Stranger - The January Queen, Breed of Giants
Newlin B Wildes - The Best Summer

Caroline Akrill - The Silver Bridle/Star Trilogy
Judith Berrisford - Sue's TV Pony
Primrose Cumming - The Chestnut Filly (partial)
Maggie Dana - Racing for the Stars
Wendy Douthwaite - Polly on Location
Stacey Gregg - Stardust and the Daredevil Ponies
Michael Murray - The Mystery of the Hollywood Horse
J. Pullein-Thompson - Star Riders of the Moor
Emma Raven - Twilight Horses, Twilight Mystery
Gillian Rubinstein - Flashback the Amazing Adventures of a Film Horse
Carol Vaughan - Two Foals for Matilda
Judy Waite - Starlight
Dave Warner - Charlotte the Starlet Series

Fire Horses:
Diane Lee Wilson - Firehorse
Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Blitz 

Angela Dorsey - Freedom trilogy
Stacey Gregg - Pony Club Secrets series (partial)
Carolyn Henderson - The Grey Ghost
Eleanor Jones - Fears and Phantoms, Echo of Hooves
Pamela Kavanagh - Pony Farm Mystery, Dreamcatcher
Betty Levin - A Binding Spell
Anne Marie MacDonald - The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green
Shirley Rousseau Murphy - White Ghost Summer
K. M. Peyton - Stealaway
Isolde Pullum - The Green Horse trilogy
Janni Lee Simner - Phantom Rider series
Nancy Springer - Sky Rider
Joyce Stranger - Midnight Magic
Phyllis A. Whitney - The Mystery of the Crimson Ghost
Anne Wigley - The Red Horse Haunting, Tears For a Tall Horse

Harness Racing/Trotting:
Matt Armstrong - Turtle River Filly
Jean Bailey - Cherokee Bill
Arthur C. Bartlett - General Jim
Mary Calhoun - The Horse Comes First
George Agnew Chamberlain - The Phantom Filly, Lord Buff and the Silver Star
Anabel Dean - Harness Race
Genevieve Torrey Eames - The Good Luck Colt
Walter Farley - The Blood Bay Colt, The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt
John T. Foster - The Gallant Gray Trotter
Marguerite Henry - Born to Trot
Don Lang - Strawberry Roan
Stephen Meader - Red Horse Hill, Cedar's Boy
Col S. P. Meek - Bellfarm Star: the Story of a Pacer
Deborah Savage - To Race a Dream
Don Alonzo Taylor - Old Sam Thoroughbred Trotter aka Old Sam Dakota Trotter

Haute Ecole/High School:
Stacey Gregg - Angel and the Flying Stallions
Marguerite Henry - White Stallion of Lipizza
Denise Hill - A Pony For Two
Mary Patchett - Circus Brumby
Mary Stewart - Airs Above the Ground

Heavy Horses:
Ivy Baker - If Wishes Were Horses
Emma Brock - Plug-Horse Derby
Joy Cowley - Shadrach series
Primrose Cumming - Ben, The Great Horses
Deb Felder - Christmas in Silver Lake
Marguerite Henry - Five O'Clock Charlie
James Herriot - Bonny's Big Day out
Jean Hovde - A Horse Called Cinammon aka A Horse for Cassie
Pamela Kavanagh - Dreamcatcher (slight element only)
Dick King-Smith - Horse Pie
C Pullein-Thompson - The Empty Field (slight element only)
Joyce Stranger - Breed of Giants, The January Queen
Judy Van der Beek - Thunderfoot
Carol Vaughan - Matilda series
Suzanne Weyn & Kristin Earhart - Snowflake (Breyer Stablemates)

Ned Ackerman - Spirit Horse
James Aldridge - A Sporting Proposition, The Broken Saddle
Janet Ashton - Yattunga
Carin Greenberg Baker - Pride of the Green Mountains
Elizabeth Baker - Fire in the Wind
Glenn Balch - Spotted Horse, Horse of Two Colors, Indian Saddle-Up, The Brave Riders, Little Hawk and the Free Horse
Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Blitz
Patricia Beatty - I Want my Sunday, Stranger, Eight Mules to Monterey
Stephen Bly - Damgerous Ride Across Humboldt Flats
Cecil Bodker - Silas series
Rita Mae Brown - Riding Shotgun (partly), High Hearts
Clyde Bulla - Conquista
Patricia Calvert - Snowbird
Barbara Campbell - A Girl Called Bob and a Horse Called Yoki
Barbara Cartland - The Pretty Horsebreakers, The race For Love, Riding to the Moon, Riding to the Sky, etc
Olive Rambo Cook - Serilda's Star, Locket, Trails to Poosey
Catherine Cookson - The Nipper
Page Cooper - Silver Spurs to Monterey
Kathleen Duey - The Hoofbeats Series
Irmengarde Eberle - Mustang on the Prairie
Phoebe Erickson - Wildwing
Walter Farley - The Horse Tamer
Deb Felder - Changing Times, Ride of Courage, Pretty Lady of Saratoga, Christmas in Silver Lake
Dorothy Brenner Francis - Borderland Horse
John T. Foster - The Gallant Gray Trotter
Rumer Godden - The Dark Horse
Bruce Grant - Cyclone
Jessie Haas - Unbroken, Chase
John Hamlin - Flying Horses
Eleanor Helme - Dear Busybody
Marguerite Henry - Justin Morgan Had a Horse, King of the Wind, Black Gold, Brighty of the Grand Canyon,
Mustang Wild Spirit of the West, San Domingo
Eleanor Hoffman - White Mare of the Black Tents aka Son of the Black Tents
Victoria Holmes - Horse From the Sea, Heart of Fire, Rider in the Dark
Marsha Hubler - The Secret of the Batty
Beulah Karney - Keepers of the Bell, Wild Imp
Deborah Kent - Saddles, Stars and Stripes series aka Saddle the Wind series
Adele de Leeuw - Blue Ribbons for Meg
Anne McCaffrey - Black Horses for the King
Janna N. Malcolm - Spirit of the West
Alida Malkus - Colt of Destiny
Mary May - Defiance at the Inn, A Pocketful of Silver
Cornelia Meigs - The Dutch Colt
Eugenia Miller - The Golden Spur
Louise Moeri - The Devil in Ol' Rosie
Scott O'Dell - Carlota
Judith O'Neill - Stringybark Summer
K M Peyton - Pony in the Dark, Flambards series, Gains series, Roman Pony series, Dear Fred
Jill Pinkwater - Cloud Horse (partly)
Pullein-Thompson sisters - Black Beauty's Clan and Family books, Black Swift
Anne Rinaldi - A Ride into Morning
Pam Muņoz Ryan - Riding Freedom
Susan Saunders - Kate's Secret Plan
Deborah Savage - To Race a Dream
Joan Selby-Lowndes - Mail Coach
Don Alonzo Taylor - Old Sam Thoroughbred Trotter aka Old Sam Dakota Trotter
Various authors - Horse Diaries series
Diane Lee Wilson - I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade, Firehorse, To Ride the Gods Own Stallion, Black Storm Comin, Ravenspeak

M. E. Atkinson - Riders and Raids
Richard Ball - Hounds Will Meet
Rita Mae Brown - Sister Jane series
Alison Hart - Riding Academy: Foxhunt
Veronica Heath - Ponies in the Heather
Elizabeth Harrover Johnson - The Old Quarry Fox Hunt
B. L. Kearley - Let's Go Hunting, Let's Meet Again
Jane McIlvaine - A Portion for Foxes, To Win the Hunt, Cintra's Challenge
H. M. Peel - Pilot the Hunter
K. M. Peyton - Flambards
C. Pullein-Thompson - We Hunted Hounds, I Carried the Horn, Goodbye to Hounds, A Day to Go Hunting
Margaret Cabell Self - Red Clay Country
John Smyth - Ann Goes Hunting
John Welcome - Red Coats Galloping

Jobs & Careers with Horses:
Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac, The Stables at Hampton
Susan Chitty - My Life and Horses
Monica Edwards - Rennie Goes Riding
Ruby Ferguson - Pony Jobs For Jill
Violet Heathcote - Fiander's Horses
Pamela MacGregor Morris - Clear Round
Kathleen Mackenzie - Jumping Jan
J. Pullein-Thompson - A Job With Horses
D. Pullein-Thompson - Janet Must Ride
Sylvia Scott White - Ten Week Stables, Pony Pageant
Dorian Williams - Wendy series

Long Distance Rides:
Judy Andrekson - Fosta Marathon Master
Primrose Cumming - Four Rode Home
Genevieve Torrey Eames - Pat Rides the Trail
Lynn Hall - Half the Battle
Ralf Lengstrand - The Long Pony Race
Dorothy Lyon - Dark Sunshine (partly)
C Pullein-Thompson - We Rode to the Sea
D Pullein-Thompson - The Long Ride Home
A. F. Tschiffely - A Tale of Two Horses
Carol Vaughan - Trekker's Trail

Losing Nerve/Nervous Riders:
C. W. Anderson - Afraid to Ride
Michelle Bates - Ride by Moonlight
Evelyn Bolton - Stable of Fear
Nancy Caffrey - Pony Duet
Patricia Leitch (as Jane Eliot) - Afraid to Ride,
Patricia Leitch - To Save a Pony (fear of jumping), Kestrels series (nervous rider)
Kelly McKain - Pony Camp Diaries: Poppy and Prince
Alice O'Connell - Pamela and the Blue Mare
Sharon Wagner - Gypsy From Nowhere

Pit Ponies:
Nina Lloyd Banning - Pit Pony
Joyce Barkhouse - Pit Pony
Hans Bauman - Jackie the Pit Pony
Leila Berg - Andy's Pit Pony
Catherine Cookson - The Nipper
Maureen Daly - The Ginger Horse
Sheila Lavelle - The Strawberry Jam Pony
Nancy Martin - Three Horses (partly)
G. O'Connor - Thanks to Dandy
K M Peyton - Pony in the Dark
Rosemary Anne Sissons - Escape From the Dark
Lynn Whitby - Ponty the Pit Pony

Police/Patrol Horses:
Jack Bechdolt - Trusty the Story of a Police Horse
Mary Graham Bonner - Sir Noble the Police Horse
Muriel Denison - Susannah of the Mounties 
J. Paul Loomis - Salto A Horse of the Canadian Mounties aka Horse of the Deep Snows
Nancy Martin - Three Horses (partly)
Col S. P. Meek - Pagan Border
Jack O'Brian - Royal Red

Jilly Cooper - Polo
Shirley Faulker Home - Pat and her Polo Pony
Rudyard Kipling - The Maltese Cat (actually a short story)
Dorothy Lyons - Red Embers
Col S. P. Meek - Frog
H. M. Peel - Dido and Rogue
James Robert Richard - Joker the Polo Pony
Nancy Saxon - Panky in Love

Pony Club and Riding Clubs:
Ruby Ferguson - Jill's Riding Club
Catherine Harris - We Started a Riding Club
Elinore Havers - The Surprise Riding Club
Lesley King - The Horse From the Moor
Pat Leitch - Riding Course Summer, Kestrels: Pony Club Rider, Pony Club Camp
Christine Leslie - Four Start a Riding Club
D. Pullein-Thompson - Three Ponies and Shannan
J. Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies, Pony Club Team, One Day Event, Pony Club Camp,
Pony Club Cup, Pony Club Club Challenge, Pony Club Trek, The Radney Riding Club
Naomi Wainwright - Island Pony Club

Pony Express, The:
Clyde Bulla - Riding the Pony Express
Capt J. E. Hance - Riders of Tomorrow
Marguerite Henry - San Domingo Medicine Hat Stallion
Deborah Kent - Riding the Pony Express
Henry V. Larom - Bronco Charlie Rider of the Pony Express
Keith Robertson - TickTock and Jim
Don Stanford - Must be Good Riders Orphans Preferred
Sanford Tousey - Jerry and the Pony Express
Diane Lee Wilson - Black Storm Comin

Pony Trekking:
M. E. Atkinson - Horseshoes and Handlebars
Judith Berrisford - Pony Trekkers Go Home
Hilda Boden - Pony Trek
Primnrose Cumming - The Mystery Trek
Patricia Leitch - Highland Pony Trek
Ruby Ferguson - Jill's Pony Trek
Jo Furminger - Blackbird's Pony Trek
Veronica Heath - Come Pony Trekking With Me
Patricia Leitch - Highland Pony Trek
Ralf Lengstrand - The Long Pony Trek
Jane McIlwaine - Pony Trekking Summer
Gill Morrell - Pony Trek
D. Pullein-Thompson - Ponies on the Trail
J. Pullein-Thompson - Pony Club Trek
Ann Stafford - Five Proud Riders

Pony's Point of View:
Peggy Cannam - Corn and Carrot Tops
Joanna Cannan - Hamish
Moyra Charlton - Three White Stockings
Primrose Cumming - The Deep Sea Horse
Capt C. H. Dent - The Copper Horse
Golden Gorse - Moorland Mousie, Older Mousie
David Grew - Beyond Rope and Fence
John Hawkes - Sweet William
Heather - Riding with Reka
Eleanor Hoffman - Sierra Sally
Rowland Johns - Jock King George's Pony
Celia Knowles - Hua Ma the Flower Pony
Joyce Mary Lennon - Misty the Grey Pony
Pamela Macgregor-Morris - Exmoor Ben
Elyne Mitchell - Silver Brumby series
C. Northcote Parkinson - Ponies Plot
Delphine Ratcliff - The Golden Pony
Margaret Cabell Self - Ponies on Parade
Anna Sewell - Black Beauty
Glenda Spooner - Royal Crusador
T. S. Tschiffely - The Tale of Two Horses
Various authors - Horse Diaries series
Daphne Winstone - Flame
May Wynne - Heather, Heather the Second

Prince Phillip Cup/Mounted Games:
Gillian Baxter - The Team From Low Moor
Bernagh Brims - Red Rosette
Pat Smythe - Three Jays go to Town

Racing (Flat and Jumps):
(for harness racing see under Harness Racing/Trotting)
Samantha Alexander - Winners series
C. W. Anderson - Big Red, High Courage, Another Man O'War
Enid Bagnold - National Velvet
Richard Ball - Penny Farthing
Anne Brooksbank - Archer
Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Rebel the Reluctant Racehorse
Nancy Caffrey - Mig O'The Moor
Michael Feeney Callan - Jockey School
Joanna Campbell - Thoroughbred series, Battlecry Forever
Page Cooper - Thunder
Anabel Dean - Steeplechase, Ride the Winner
Capt C. H. Dent - The Copper Horse, Second Fiddle Son of Viola
Anne Digby - The Quicksilver Horse
Monica Edwards -The Midnight Horse (slight)
Ginny Elliot - Winning, Race Against Time, High Hurdle
Brian Fairfax-Lucy - The Horse From India
Walter Farley - The Black Stallion series (many of them are set in the racing world), Man O'War
Dick Francis - All to some extent
Logan Forster - Ponce series
Doris Gates - Little Vic
William Campbell Gault - Gallant Colt
Rumer Godden - The Dark Horse
Patsey Gray - Doggone Roan, The Flag is Up
Michael Hardcastle - The Saturday Horse, The Switch Horse, Kickback, Puzzle series, Winning Rider
Clarence Hawkes - Pal O'Mine: King of the Turf
Marguerite Henry - Black Gold, Gaudenzia Pride of the Palio
Ivor Herbert - Point-to-Point aka Longacre, The Filly
Dorothy Lyons - Copper Khan
Isabel McLennan McMeekin - Kentucky Derby Winner, Ban-Joe and Grey Eagle
Michael Maguire - Slaughter Horse, Shot Silk, Scratchproof, Scorcher
Enid Michael - The Runaway National
Susan Millard - Against the Odds
Elyne Mitchell - Brumby Racer
Mary O'Hara - Thunderhead
Mildred Mastin Pace - Old Bones
H. M. Peel - Pilot the Chaser, Nightstorm the Flat Racer
K. M. Peyton - Blind Beauty, Darkling, Late to Smile, Free Rein/Last Ditch, The Sound of Distant Cheering, Crab the Roan
D. L. Rodriguez - Hurricane
J. Pullein-Thompson - Racehorse Holiday
Sam Savitt - There Was a Horse aka A Horse to Remember
Jane Smiley - Horse Heaven
Vian Smith - Question Mark aka Pride of the Moor, Green Heart, Lord Mayor's Show, Minstrel Boy
Lorraine Snelling - The Golden Filly series
Joyce Stranger - Zara
Barbara Van Tuyl - Bonnie series
John Welcome - Grand National, A Painted Devil
Priscilla Willis - Race Between the Flags

Riding for the Disabled/Special Needs Riding:
Gillian Baxter - Ponies to the Rescue
Fern G. Brown - You're Somebody Special on a Horse
Audrey Constant - Hidden Prizes
Elizabeth Dale - The Midnight Pony
Shirley Faulkner-Horne - Pegasus series
Myrtle Ellen Green - A Pony Doctor's Orders
Marsha Hubler - Keystone Stables: The Wining Summer
Mary May - Carol series (The Will to Win, etc)
Nancy Springer - Colt
Marion P. Stroud - Rainbow's Edge

Glenn Balch - Tiger Roan
Stephen & Janet Bly - Crystal series
Thomas C. Hinkle - Blaze Face
Henry V. Larom - Mountain Pony and the Rodeo Mystery
Dorothy Lyons - Bright Wampum
Sam Savitt - Midnight Champion Bucking Horse
Joan Weir - Sixteen is spelt OUCH

Donna Baker - Ride For A Fall
Stephen Bly - Horse Dreams series
Kimberley Cates - Fly Away Home
Betty Cavanna - Spring Comes Riding, Lasso Your Heart, Banner Year
George Agnew Chamberlain - The Phantom Filly, Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
Janet Dailey - Heiress, No Quarter Asked, Bluegrass King, Six White Horses
Anne Emery - Scarlet Royal
Walter Farley - The Black Stallion and the Girl/the Stranger
Susan Juby - Another Kind of Cowboy
Lurlene McDaniel - A Horse for Mandy
Jane McIlvaine - Cammie's Challenge (slight), Cintra's Challenge, Copper's Chance aka Blue Ribbon Romance
Laura Moore - Ride a Dark Horse
Mary O'Hara - Green Grass of Wyoming, The Catch Colt
Francine Pascal - Caitlin series, Cowboy Kisses
K. M. Peyton - Dear Fred, The Sound of Distant Cheering, Gains series, Flambards series.
Joann Ross - Legends Lake
Nancy Saxon - Panky in Love
Eunice Young Smith - High Heels for Jennifer
Lenora Mattingly Weber - Riding High
Joan Weir - Sixteen is spelt OUCH

Running a Riding School or Stables
Gillian Baxter - Horses and Heather
Judith Berrisford - Ten Ponies and Jackie
Fiona Citroen - Applegate
Primrose Cumming - Silver Eagle series
Anne Emery - Scarlet Royal
Justine Furminger - Bobbie Takes the Reins
Christine Pullein-Thompson - The Second Mount
Sylvia Scott White - Ten Week Stables, Pony Pageant

Sanctuaries and Horse Rescue:
Samantha Alexander - Holywell Stables series
Lauren Brooke - Heartland series
Monica Dickens - Follyfoot series
Brenda Jobling - The Pony with the Bandaged Ear
Mairin Johnston - The Pony Express
Patricia Miles Martin - The Bony Pony
Robert Newton Peck - Horse Thief
C. Pullein-Thompson - Horsehaven series
Priscilla Willis - Alfred and the Saint

Rory Barnes - Horsehead Man
E. C. Elliott (aka Rex Dixon) - Kemlo and the Sky Horse
Michael Maguire - Mylor series

School Pony Stories:
Enid Blyton - Third Year at Malory Towers (partly)
Lauren Brooke - Chestnut Hill
Peggy Cannam - Riding For Ridge Abbey, Musical Ride
Joanna Cannan - I Wrote a Pony Book (partly)
Mary Gervaise - Georgie series (partly), Farthingale series
Joan Houston - Crofton Meadows
A. D. Langholm - Queen Rider
K. M .Peyton  - Who Sir Me Sir
Constance M. White - Ponies at Westways, Nutmeg Comes to Westways
Ursula Moray Williams - No Ponies for Miss Pobjoy

Judy Andrekson - Gunner: Hurricane Horse
Caroline Akrill - Flying Changes (partly), I'd Rather Not Gallop, Caroline Canters Home
Kitty Barne - Rosina Copper
Anne Henning - The Connemara trilogy (in-hand)
Patricia Leitch - A Dream of Fair Horses
Dorothy Lyons - Harlequin Hullabaloo aka Bluegrass Champion (Saddlebred)
Glenda Spooner - The Silk Purse

Showjumping (incl Hunter/Jumper):
Judy Andrekson - Little Squire the Jumping Horse
C. W. Anderson - Great Heart
Richard Ball - Broncho
Gillian Baxter - Jump to the Stars
Catherine Carey - Show Jumping Summer
Marion Crook - Riding Scared
Anabel Dean - High Jumper
Anne Digby - A Horse Called September
Jean Slaughter Doty - The Crumb, The Monday Horses, Dark Horse
Gayle Farmer - Showtime, Showtime at Indio
Shirley Faulkner-Horne - White Poles
Bryan Forbes - International Velvet
Patsey Gray - Jumping Jack
Stacey Gregg - Comet and the Champion's Cup, Flame and the Rebel Riders
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter series
Lynn Hall - Captain: Canada's Flying Pony
Veronica Heath - Come Show Jumping With Me
Kathleen Herald (K M Peyton) - Mandrake
Joan Houston - Jump-Shy, Horse Show Hurdles
Janet Lambert - High Hurdles
Patricia Leitch - Jump to the Top, Jump for the Moon
Pamela Macgregor-Morris - High Honours
Peter McPhee - A Way With Horses
Rutherford G. Montgomery - Snowman
Barbara Morgenroth - Last Junior Year
H. M. Peel - Easter the Showjumper aka The Showjumper
Shelley Peterson - Dancer
C. Pullein-Thompson - I Rode a Winner, The First Rosette, The Second Mount, Three to Ride
D. Pullein-Thompson - Janet Must Ride
J. Pullein-Thompson - Show Jumping Secret
Nigel Robinson - Luke Cannon series
Lorraine Snelling - High Hurdles series
Priscilla Willis - Jory and the Buckskin Jumper
Janet Whyte - Rescue Rider
Kim Ablon Whitney - The Perfect Distance

True Stories (Based on):
Judy Andrekson - True Horse Stories series
Elizabeth Baker - Fire in the Wind
Anne Brooksbank - Archer
Walter Farley - Man O'War
John T. Foster - The Gallant Gray Trotter
Marguerite Henry - Justin Morgan Had a Horse, King of the Wind, Black Gold, Brighty of the Grand Canyon,
Gaudenzia Pride of the Palio, White Stallion of Lipizza, Mustang Wild Spirit of the West
Thomas C. Hinkle - Black Storm, Cinchfoot
Elyne Micthell - Light Horse to Damascus
Rutherford G. Montgomery - Snowman
Scott O'Dell - Carlota
Anne Rinaldi - A Ride into Morning
Pam Muņoz Ryan - Riding Freedom
Deborah Savage - To Race a Dream
Sam Savitt - Midnight Champion Bucking Horse
Joyce Stranger - Stranger Than Fiction
A. F. Tschiffely - A Tale of Two Horses

Peter Beagle - The Last Unicorn
Alea Bushardt - Cloud Filly, Sky Stallion
Linda Chapman - My Secret Unicorn series
Babette Cole - The Unicorn Princess
Stephen Cosgrove - Morgan series
Berlie Doherty - Spellhorn
Kathleen Duey - Spirit of the Unicorn Series
Elizabeth Goudge - The Little White Horse
Mollie Hunter - Day of the Unicorn
Ann M Martin - Karen's Unicorn
Louise Moeri - The Unicorn and the Plow

Erick Berry - Horses for the General, Sybil Ludington's Ride
Mary Grant Bruce - Captain Jim
Russell Gordon Carter - Shaggy the Horse From Wyoming
Primrose Cumming: The Great Horses (partly)
Maureen Daly - The Small War of Seargeant Donkey
Fairfax Downey - Army Mule, Cavalry Mount, War Horse, A Horse for General Lee
Pacifico Fiori - Prairie Rebels aka Wild Horses of Tuscany
Nicholas Kalashnikoff - Jumper
Elyne Micthell - Light Horse to Damascus
Michael Morpurgo - War Horse
Lord Mottistone - My Horse Warrior
Scott O'Dell - Carlota
D. Pullein-Thompson - Black Princess
C. Pullein-Thompson - Black Pioneer
Anne Rinaldi - A Ride into Morning
Kate Seredy - The Chestry Oak, The Singing Tree
Mary Treadgold - We Couldn't Leave Dinah

Wild Horse and Ponies:
James Aldridge - The Marvellous Mongolian
Glenn Balch - Tack Ranch series (Wild Horse, etc), Buck Wild
Joseph E. Chipperfield - Dark Fury, Ghost Horse, Banner the Pacing White Stallion, Silver Star, Checoba
Angela Dorsey - Rattlesnake Rock, Whinnies on the Wind series
Irene Estep - Pioneer Buckeroo
Thomas Fall - Wild Boy
Terri Farley - Phantom Stallion series, Wild Horse Island series
David Grew - Beyond Rope and Fence, The Ghost Mare
Helen Griffiths - Wild Horse of Santander, The Wild Heart, Stallion of the Sands, Blackface Stallion
Rene Guillot - The Wild White Stallion
Clarence Hawkes - Piebald King of the Bronchos
Marguerite Henry - Chincoteague series (Misty, Sea Star, Stormy), Mustang Wild Spirit of the West
Thomas C. Hinkle - Tornado Boy, Silver, Hurricane Pinto
Nils Hogner - Dynamite the Wild Stallion, The Devil Stallion
Will James - Smoky the Cow Horse, Sand
Miriam E. Mason - A Pony Called Lightning, Broomtail
Stephen Meader - Wild Pony Island
Barlow Meyers - Last of the Wild Horses
Albert G. Miller - Fury books
Elyne Mitchell - Silver Brumby & Brumby series, Moon Filly
Rutherford G. Montgomery - Golden Stallion series, Midnight, El Blanco, Big Red
Walt Morey - Year of the Black Pony, Runaway Stallion
Leonie Norrington - The Last Muster
Mary O'Hara - Green Grass of Wyoming
Don Patton - Bunch Quitter aka Brown Jug
H. M . Peel - Fury Son of the Wilds, Jago, Untamed
Mary Patchett - Brumby series, Summer on Wild Horse Island
Christine Pullein Thompson - Phantom Horse
Gerald Rafferty - Snow Cloud Stallion
Glen Rounds - Hunted Horses, Wild Horses of the Desert, Wild Appaloosa
Sam Savitt - Wild Horse Running
Allen W. Seaby - All his books are partially about wild ponies
A. F. Tschiffely - The Tale of Two Horses
Cecil G. Trew - Wild Horse of the West

Working Horses and Ponies (Miscellaneous):
Gillian Baxter - Save the Ponies  (Brewery dray horses) Special Delivery (Working donkey!)
Emma Brock - Plug-Horse Derby (Farm horse)
Primrose Cumming - Ben, The Great Horses (Plough/farm horse), The Wednesday Pony (Delivery pony)
Lilias Edwards - The Dancing Pony (Delivery pony)
Marguerite Henry - Five O'Clock Charlie
Judith O'Neill - Stringybark Summer
Pamela Rogers - The Rag and Bone Pony
Anna Sewell - Black Beauty